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Joe Vallee is a Buyers specialist. Joe was born and raised in Vancouver and has been involved in Construction & Real Estate in one way or another for 25 years and can guide you through all the aspects of buying a home. Joe has first hand experience in the construction industry and was the Owner Operator of JG Vallee Heritage Restoration for 20 years. 

Joe's main focus is working with Buyers as a 'Buyers Agent'. Joe also shows the properties that The Velve Group has listed. In addition, Joe also assists with the daily administrative duties such as processing listings, preparing Market Analysis of properties, setting up appointments, website editing, photopgaphy, video editing and all property transaction communications. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a tenant or a REALTOR™, Joe will definitely play a part in your Real Estate Transaction with the The Velve Group.



Get all the Active Listings in Vancouver,Search by Map, Instant Listings Details and more...

Most Agents will do periodic search updates for buyers. The problem is that these searches are manual and require them to sit at the computer sifting and sorting through all properties listed for sale. No agent can be in two places at one time, so while they’re helping other prospects buy or sell, negotiating a contract, installing signs and key boxes, or simply taking a day off, they can’t be looking for you…Or you may be surfing the not realizing that these public websites are not updated for 2-4 days after they hit the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board site that is available only to realtors.

As fate would have it, the home that you have been dreaming about comes on the market! What are the chances that your agent is on the computer at that exact moment in time? You guessed it, not very good. Unless your agent is in the right place at the right time, chances are that you will never even know that this property ever came on the market. Why? Because the best properties for sale aren’t on the market for a very long time. If you are wasting your time surfing the web, by the time you see it, it is already sold. The best listings sell fast, usually within 2-5 days.

To better service our clients and give us a HUGE competitive advantage over our competitors, we invested heavily in a unique software program coupled with state of the art communication devices. PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICES (PCS). is the Software that does all the searching for all of our clients in REAL TIME! Once we input your specific criteria including desired price range, community, style, etc., this Service adds ALL new listings to your own Private Database and notifies you of the additions. You get all the New Listings, Sales Figures, Price Changes, Collapsed Deals and more - as they happen in Real Time !  So does Joe - immediatley where ever he is !!

Another great benefit is that now, you are in control of which properties you wish to see. So, instead of the realtor picking 3-4 homes to show you, often showing you homes that don’t even interest you…Our PCS System allows you to select which homes you want to view and usually before other buyers even know about them. You’ll have the earliest opportunity to preview new listings and have the option to make an offer before any other buyers even know that the property is for sale!

Equally as important - your time isn’t wasted viewing homes that don’t interest you !

Our Private Client Services Program will deliver you the latest in technology in the World of Real Estate. No other system gives you all the details, True Sales Amounts, Price changes, Collapsed Deals etc. This system is plugged directly into the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Boards Database, when listings and updates are added to their database your Private Database is instantly updated as well, Real Time. You are delivered the Details Immediately days before any Public MLS System, I guarantee It !!  You can keep all the listings in one place, your database, you can follow the progress of listings, you can email them from your database and organizing them is as easy as a click.